Companies will go to great lengths to keep their employees happy, going as far as installing nap pods, ball pits, arcade halls and slides. Nina believes these guys are trying so hard and getting it all wrong. No single thing or person holds the key to our happiness, but there are a few things that Nina recommends to help build and maintain lasting contentment at work:

Purpose – feeling like a meaningful part of achieving a greater plan.

Skills – not just having skills but honing what you know and continually learning and even teaching others.

Growth – being acknowledged for your effort and offered opportunities for advancement might mean you’ll have to volunteer for a new project or meet with a mentor to overcome challenges, but it will keep you from becoming stagnant.

Respect – this is a two-way road to a fundamental need in all of us. Making an effort to listen, respond, ask questions, give honest feedback and share your gratitude can lead to great mounds of respect felt and appreciated by all.

Passion – passion is fuel for happiness, giving us the joy and determination to work beyond challenges and lack of skills or resources needed to get the job completed.

Nina’s top recommendation is BALANCE. Work, family downtime, exercise, nutritious diet and spending plenty of time with your pets are all equally important in the quest for happiness. Nina prides herself on knowing exactly the right time to pull the plug on grinding operations at CyberHive Security to ensure the balance, health, and well-being of the employees she loves and cares for.